The popularity of tequila and vodka drinks


.hen it comes to popular spirit drinks tequila and vodka drinks are high up on the list. Both spirits are known for their strength and potency if drunk in large enough quantity. Tequila was first distilled in Mexico and is usually drank neat. The Mexican way is to drink with a pinch of salt and lime. For people into drinking contests tequila slammers could be regarded as been ideal. Slammers are something that people who are not used to drinking should be wary of. It is unusual among spirits in that drinkers do not feel gradually drunker, they tend to lose control all at once.

Vodka was originally a Russian drink, though it is distilled in Poland and Sweden. Russian vodka tends to be stronger, especially the blue label / imperial standard. Standard Russian practice is to drink it neat. However in most other countries it is combined with a mixer drink. Generally it is mixed with cola or orange juice. Vodka is often included in cocktails though other drinks will provide the flavors.